Shindig Bullshit

A game of courage, cunning and a little lying to your friends.

Play with your friends in your own private video chat game room. It's free and easy. No download or install required.

Game Overview

Shindig BS puts you face to face with a group of your friends to decide who has the guts and skills to become a BS pro.

The object of the game is to be the first person without any cards. Players get rid of cards by taking turns discarding cards to a pile in the center of the table.

You must discard cards even if you don’t have the ones called for. Remember that you have to tell everyone else what rank and how many cards you are playing. It’s everyone else’s job to either believe you and play on or hit the BS button.

If someone hits the BS button and you were telling the truth, they have to pick up the entire discard pile. If they catch you lying, you’re the one who has to pick up all of those cards.

If you and your friends decide to play with the “Peanut Butter” rule, a bluffer should shout out “Peanut Butter!” after the next player discards, letting everyone know that they successfully bluffed. Get ready to BS your way to victory!

Traditional Mode

In Traditional Mode, play proceeds sequentially from 2s up. Each player can bluff or play the specified rank. The player announces how many cards were played.
The bluffer or the loser of the challenge is notified after the cards are revealed.

Freestyle Mode

In Freestyle Mode, the group of players decides what rules to use. For example, play may proceed by odds then evens or each player may select a rank of their own choosing when it’s their turn to discard. In all cases, the player must remind the others of the selected rank and tell them how many cards were played. In addition to the 52 cards in a deck, both Jokers are in play and both are Wild.
It’s up to players at the table to call out the loser of a challenge and to make sure that player picks up the pile of cards.

Game Controls

Play an Individual Card

Double-click a card or drag it to the table.

Play Multiple Cards

Click cards to select them. Double-click or drag any one of the selected cards to play the group of selected cards.

Call BS

Click the BS button to call BS on a player after they have played their cards and before the next player goes.

Collect Cards

If you incorrectly call BS on someone or they catch you in a lie, click the pile of cards to collect them.

Sort Cards (Show Me)

Drag individual cards or a group of selected cards across your hand. An autosort button is located in the lower left.


If you misplay your turn, click on the pile of cards to undo your play at any time before the next person plays.

Skip Turn

You are not allowed to skip your turn without a penalty! To skip your turn, click on the deck during your turn, but be prepared to pick up the entire discard pile.

Game Menu

Click the card button in the lower left. The Game Menu allows you to access your options, invite new players, and start a new game.


The host can click the Share Privileges button to allow other players to start a new game or invite friends.

Invite New Players

Start a New Game

If you are host or the host has shared privileges, you can click New Game to create a new Traditional or Freestyle game.

To play the game ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 10.1.0 or greater is installed.