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Unleashing the power of video chat

Do video conferences make you uncomfortable?
Locked in an endless conversation around a single microphone.
No Control, No Privacy, No Freedom.

On Shindig, all the participants can see each other in a shared space, move freely in and out of conversation with whomever they choose, and address questions to the speaker or entire group.

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Shindig Video Chat Events

Imagine a thousand fans/prospects/clients gathered in one place for your event. All mingle around engaged in an infinite array of private conversations

Imagine you take the stage, make a presentation, conduct an interview, or field questions, joined onstage by different audience members. Now imagine having done this all from your laptop.

That's Shindig...

The perfect platform for presentations, meet & greets, press events, and all types of promotional activities.

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Host Your Own Shindig To Support Your Brand

The most effective ways of sharing content depend on the audience interaction in the auditorium, lobby, reception area, homeroom, or entry hall.

How about letting your audience meet one another online as they do in your real world events without the cost, administrative time, and effort? A Shindig encourages audience engagement by allowing members of your community to talk to one another while interacting with your brand or listening to your live presentation.


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Video Chat Book Tours

Shindig is the new way to book tour. Now you can give an online reading, talk, or interview in front of an online group of 50 to 500 without unnecessary travel or expense.

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Listening Parties

Host an exclusive online listening party for thousands of your fans. Let your audience ask you questions in front of their peers. Play MP3s of your latest tracks and energize your community like never before.

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Key Features

See and Be Seen Interactions

Shindig participants see live webcam images of everyone else in the event. A single click starts an instant video chat. Participants can search by name for people they want to speak with or use filters to find other participants with similar interests.

The Presentation Room

Deliver presentations, Q&A sessions, lectures, and more. Speakers can share their screen or share the stage with others by spotlighting members of the audience or their team. Tools for screening written questions to the presenters are provided along with stats on audience engagement. Audience members can either follow along with the presentations or chat naturally with one another all at the discretion of the host.

Branding and Customization

Our design tools allow you to customize your Shindig's features and branding. Insert links and widgets to all of your company’s digital assets.


There are multiple ways to monetize your Shindig: add links to your e-commerce site on the Shindig’s background, display 3rd party advertisements, or charge admission.


Create a public Shindig that's visible in the Shindig directory or setup a private Shindig for the VIPs on your guest list.

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